Sunday, May 31, 2015

Let's Do Some Personal Math Before School Ends

Hmmm..if you look at the book lists on the right side of this blog you can easily compare the number of books I've read while using the elliptical machine (or home treadmill) vs. the number of books I've read while driving during this school year.  3 vs. 13.

There are days I'm driving between schools for at least 1.5 hrs.  Add on the drives between additional schools and to/from work and it makes sense that I had the time to read almost 15 books from late August until now.  What bothers me is that I spent so few hours on exercise equipment this school year!  Sure, I exercised to a few movies instead of listening to books--mostly North and South (British version, not Civil War version) and Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth version, of course), but I definitely spent more time sitting than exercising this year.  Very bad for health!

Here's to a summer of digging in the garden, hiking and kayaking!  It'll be here soon.

Dutch Gap, Chester VA

James River, Richmond VA

Riverside Drive, Richmond VA


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