Friday, May 15, 2015


Yesterday, a high school teacher for students with autism showed me this website:

She uses it with her students as a morning warm-up and also for transition times or when the students need an active diversion from the tension building up in the classroom.  This morning I shared it at my other high school and the teacher immediately presented a few of the videos to her students.

Here's a teacher testimonial from the site:

Since this is a report-writing, documentation type of afternoon I just may sneak off into someone's empty classroom/office and jump around with one of the dance videos myself...

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RShoener said...

This website is awesome and is offering a "summer camp" for kids to do over the summer so they can stay active at home. My district uses this website and a few others throughout the day along with kinesthetic learning techniques integrated into the curriculum. It makes the classroom way more enjoyable for everyone!