Sunday, May 3, 2015

Crafty Idea for Jewelry Storage from a PT Buddy

This has been the month for cool, handmade projects.  Two VCU students made fidget items for my use with students and now my PT buddy, Katrien, has made a remarkably sturdy travel item for keeping her gorgeous jewelry handy and secure.
This triangular stand is similar to what speech-language pathologists use for presenting pictures or words to students.  Katrien took a length of laminated construction paper and punched tiny holes in it, large enough to slip the earring studs through.  Then she folded it lengthwise into sections and applied sticky-back Velcro patches to turn it into a stand.
I forgot to look and see if the Velcro will also connect if you fold the stand backwards to cover over the front of the earrings--that might protect the earrings from getting squished in a suitcase.  With this nice jewelry, though, I think it would probably travel in a carry-on case that isn't jammed full with items.  Katrien notes, "...This  arrangement is not just for travel, it's to keep the earrings
organized in general."  If you had the privilege to work with her for as many years as I've had, you'd know that organization is built into her total being, in a very good way.

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