Tuesday, August 26, 2014


To say the least, I'm surprised.  Had more views of the blog pages yesterday than every before since I started it many years ago.  Thanks to you, Readers!

Students start back to school next Tuesday, so new activity ideas and photos will be showing up soon.

This week is spent verifying our caseloads, going to a few IEP meetings and planning with teachers.  Here's my outline for this afternoon's meeting with teachers for middle schoolers with autism.  I'm going to start out asking their concerns for all the students in their classes, then discuss how OT can adapt activities and provide ideas for "just right" practice of essential fine motor, self help and self-regulation skills.

1. Imbedding Sensory Opportunities Throughout the School Day--

--to positively influence alertness level for learning

--to expand student’s sensory experiences and comfort level

2. Developing students’ independence with reaching and maintaining sensory

--students can develop a personalized “menu” of preferred activities which promote

sensory equilibrium for learning

--students can practice choosing from their personal menu of activities, with

increasing independence

3. Adapting High Priority Self-Help Skills to Increase Independence--

--What self-help skills are needed in future settings, which can be practiced now?

                       --Snack and light meal prep

                       --Managing fasteners (shoelaces, buttons, snaps, zippers, plastic storage ziplock seals)

                       --Keeping personal materials organized (coat, notebooks, books, pencils, self-care supplies)

I'm hoping to work with the students, teachers, speech-language pathologist, instructional aides and others in group and individual sessions again this year.  That way I'll get to know all the students in the class, not just those with OT as a related service on their IEPs, and can offer suggestions/answer questions when they arise.

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