Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back to Work We Go

We had a mini, 3-day, work week to get us back in the groove--picking up our school caseloads and trying to learn some new, online programs for special education and IEPs in our county.  With so many people trying to use WIFI at one time it was a little tricky...maybe because it's really still summer.

Summer means kayaking to me.  The gentle, flatwater kind of kayaking.  Paddle a little, gaze at the blue heron and turtles, paddle some more, talk to friends, follow the shade.  That's the kind of kayaking I like.
Oh, I do like to kayak downstream, too, unless there are potential rapids of any size.

Some of my new friends from my boomer gym joined me at Bear Creek Lake State Park this morning for a little paddle:  Park info

Mr. Blue Heron

This was the best part of the morning.

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