Thursday, February 13, 2014

What Do School-Based OTs Do on Snow Days?

Well, if the OT has little kiddos at home...nothing gets done.  But, if your personal children are long grown and gone then you get to do anything you want!

Unfortunately at my house, that isn't very exciting.  Wait, it's exciting to me--I get to organize my bathroom!!!
Start with a mess.

Remove everything and clean the counter and sinks.  Add back the stuff you use everyday--do not add back the stuff you use now and then.
Recycle things from around the house to make custom containers (gallon milk jug), and
grab some of those free totes you got from stores and use them to hold items frequently used together (hair dryer and flat iron, moisturizers and hair creams).  Both of these cute pink totes fit on the top of the toilet tank; they even look cheerful at 5:30 a.m. when I'm trying to achieve some level of alertness.

The cabinets under the sink were purged and cleaned today, too.  I'm not showing you that--gross and yucky caution area since it hadn't been tackled for 10+ years.

Another snow day tomorrow.  If I still have power I might even do some ironing--radical thought.

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