Friday, February 21, 2014

Hokey Idea for Heart Health Month

Please don't laugh.

Next week is the last week of Heart Health Month, or whatever the correct name might be!  In our integrated therapy session next Wednesday (Students/Educator/OT/Speech-Language Pathologist) we will be exercising with a sturdy hula hoop (raising it overhead for a slow count of five), reviewing what is done during physical education to keep their hearts healthy and making a card about how they work on having a healthy heart at school.

I didn't know how to clearly explain the card design via e-mail to my cohorts so this silly sketch was created in Microsoft's Paint program, one of the built-in accessories that came with my work computer.
Students will use homemade "rubber" stamps to stamp a heart at either end of the barbell, then choose their photo from an array of 1 or 2 classmates to glue on the card.

I think these middle school students in a class for students with significant intellectual disabilities will have fun with the dynamic activities and making the cards to take home. 

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