Sunday, February 2, 2014


Of course, it's a little easier to focus when there's a yummy treat in view.

My DD's n'little puppy is wild and crazy when tearing around the house in search of fun, but can settle down quickly when the training treats are within whiffing distance.

I've found a CD to use at work that helps me focus when I have to write reports in a noisy background.  It's a nature CD like the others I've tried, but this one combines the sound of a gurgling stream and birdies chirping intermittently.  Works better than the steady pace of ocean waves on the beach or rain falling on a large stone.  If you have difficulty focusing when you're in a noisy work space, check out YouTube until you find one you like.  Some of them run for 10 hours!

Now, if you want to lower your blood pressure, go find yourself a warm puppy to snuggle with...

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