Friday, November 15, 2013

Take a Little Trip to Reality

Today I got to go on a community outing with a group of high schoolers with autism.  Just when you think they're doing okay with their behavior and don't really do things that might make them stand out from the crowd.....

One student likes to blow the dust off things; that didn't go over so well when she was repeatedly blowing on the hanging signs over the concession stand.

Another student likes to wander.  Not real far but far enough that an adult has to stay with him.  Today he wandered over real far toward a "civilian" who had thousands of dollars worth of electronic equipment in use.  Nothing was fiddled with but I'm sure that civilian was wondering what she might need to do any minute.

A third student found that dropping the bowling ball produced a fun vibration under his feet.  Not exactly in line with standard bowling protocol.

What to do about all this?  Continue practicing acceptable behavior at school, ask the parents to reinforce specific positive behaviors at home, and keep on going back out into community settings until we "get it right," or at least, get it better.

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