Thursday, November 14, 2013

Looking at This Pencil Grasp May Make You Cry

Well, I did warn you.  This 2nd grader has a pretty tough time with arm/hand coordination, overall.  On top of that he appears to possess little awareness of where he is, spatially.  When it comes time to work on white boards with dry erase markers his sleeves, cuffs, palms and fingers are coated with whatever color marker he is using.  Washing his hands doesn't help much unless he is coached through each step.  As you might imagine, we practice handwashing at the classroom sink before he picks up and carries my tote bag, which he cheerfully describes as being "full of rocks," to our work table.

Found these thin, plastic shapes in an office supply store last week.  Thought I'd use them mostly for tracing and creating pictures, but they're also a wonderful challenge for fine pinch.  They proved quite tricky for our guy to pick up and sort by shapes.  After we got them divided up we counted how many were in each group.  Even though my guy had a creative way of counting, which made me think he might have made some errors, the re-counts proved that he was correct.  Cool!

When it was time to stack the shapes and put them back in the teensy plastic bag my guy had to slide the shapes to the edge of the table to be able to pick them up.  I thought at first that this was due to his poor prehension, but it turned out that I couldn't pick them up straight from the tabletop either.  Humbling.

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