Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How Do You Motivate a "Hello Kitty" Lover?

C'mon, don't these cheetahs look like "kitties" to you?

This 3rd grade student loves all things that are branded "Hello Kitty."  Who wouldn't?  The kitty figure is always pink, it makes cute kitty faces--what more could you ask for in adorable-ness?

Well, how about baby cheetahs?  The Richmond Metro Zoo has a kitty-cam going 24/7 to track the development of these little critters and the Richmond Times-Dispatch displays photos regularly.  Perfect material for motivating this student to write and write about a subject she thinks about quite a bit.
Having her stand while writing aids her posture and encourages her to keep her wrist and fingers in a better grip around the pencil. 
You know I'll be looking for more photos like this one as the year goes on.

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