Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Teensy Weensy Magnetic Letter Tiles

When I saw these styrofoam-ish, magnetic letter tiles in a travel game at my favorite thrift store a couple of weekends ago, I knew they'd be excellent for many of my kids.
The font serves as a good model for students to practice copying a letters in a word that appeals to them (batman!)
 There's a little guy I work with who needs lots of perking up activities to stay focused, so I put the tiles on a chair in the hallway (less distracting to his classmates) and asked him to find the letters in a word we were talking about.  Of course, I put them on a low chair so he'd have to bend over, and over and over.  Turned out that this promoted weightbearing through his left arm, which provided some nice heavy work opportunities (proprioceptive input).
Using the metal window frame as a board resulted in nice wrist extension while placing the letters in the correct order.  The individual tiles are about 1/3' to 1/2" square and I think they'd be easy to make from recycled materials.

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