Saturday, October 27, 2012

Making Pumpkins Using Electronic Switches

This week we painted real pumpkins and also made 2-D foam pumpkins in the middle school class for students with significant cognitive disabilities.  The students pressed on a round switch to activate a spinner dial, stopping on the facial feature they wanted to add to their pumpkins.

We started with the foamy pumpkins.

Then, on to the real deal!  First, we explored all the different textures of the pumpkins--the smooth, cool sides and the rough, jagged stem on top.
This student preferred to use his head switch to activate the spinner dial.

As usual, I forgot to take photos of the finished pumpkins.  Out of kindness to me, the OT who doesn't like to work with paint or ooey gooey things, the teachers and SLP used stickers for the facial features on the pumpkins.  Unfortunately, the stickers kept falling off!  Maybe they used the slimey stuff after I left...

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