Tuesday, October 9, 2012

College Cooking Continues--Scrambled Eggs with Cheese

More college cooking today in the high school class for students with autism, making easy scrambled eggs in the microwave.
 Wish we could have sprayed that Pam outside--I'm sure we all breathed too many fumes during the session.
 Each student referred to the visual and text steps of the activity.
 Tons of variety of skill in how the students cracked the eggs.  Most students tapped the eggs slightly against the rim of the bowls, then just used their fingers to open the eggs fully.  It got a little messy...
 Back to the directions for the next step.
 Most of the egg and milk mixture remained inside the bowls during the mixing.
 Each microwave is different--this one took about two minutes for two eggs and a little milk.
 Get those potholders ready; it's hot!
 Sprinkle on a little cheese and microwave again for a few seconds.

 Cut apart a section for each cooking buddy.
Enjoy your scrambled eggs, along with your morning snack from home (Oreos!)

It was interesting to note that each student demonstrated basic cooking skills (knew to tap egg on rim of bowl, knew how to hold potholders, knew how to open and start microwave oven).

We made sure the students washed their hands thoroughly after the activity--raw eggs!

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