Thursday, May 17, 2012

Homemade Fidget Toy

For months now I've been avoiding the task of making homemade squeezy/fidget toys.  I strongly agree with the benefit, for students and adults, of having a readily-available fidget toy like this; however, I think most of the ones I've seen are gross.  Living on a ranchette/farmette like I do, I shun things that look like they were once inside or attached to a farm animal and the typical balloons filled with flour look too much like that to me.  What to do?

I found the answer on Pinterest.  Use Play-Doh to make fidget toys.  Instead of trying to stuff the Play-Doh into a balloon, as the Pinterest author suggested, I decided to use plastic wrap and tacky socks or tights.

 Hmmm---go with the shamrocks or argyle design?
 Wrap a whole container of new Play-Doh in plastic wrap.
 Cut off a length of tacky tights with extra room for tying several knots at the end(s).
 Slip in the wrapped Play-Doh.
 Knot several times and snip off excess fabric.
Ask a co-worker with great jewelry to test it out.

This will be suitable for students who to not know how to unknot knots, who do not put items in their mouths and who are not allergic to any of the materials.

Update 5-22-2012---After about 3 days of use by students and curious adults, the Play-Doh finally started oozing through the shamrock tights.  Need to wrap it better before putting it into the tights.


Abby said...

This is a great idea! I'm going to try this. I always avoid the balloons with flour, because I've had one too many pop open...

Your Therapy Source Inc said...

Wonderful idea!!!!! Good thing you did not bother trying to shove play-doh into a balloon. Super difficult to do and break rather quickly. This is a much better idea. You could use baby size socks with less playdoh for smaller hands. Love it!!!!

Pennie said...

I wonder if you put it in a zip lock bag before putting it in the sock would help it not to ooze out. By the way I just found your site through a pinterest pin. I hope you decide to add the option of following you by email.