Friday, May 18, 2012

Classroom Rules Chart

This morning I was a little perturbed because I couldn't get into the classroom I usually use in the early mornings, before most teachers arrive at school. Well, I ended up using a different classroom--one I haven't ever visited before--and found this fantastic chart about classroom rules.

The reason I think the chart is so fantastic is because it works for everyone--students who read, who don't read, who know classroom rules in their head but aren't really following them, for visual learners, for students with and without disabilities.  Adults can point to the words or to the photos and ask the students if they are following the rules.

If you're poking your neighbor with a pencil, are you using "Helping Hands?"  If you're shouting out answers during morning circle are you using your "Quiet Voice?"  If you're darting around the room are you using your "Walking Feet?"

Teachers can compliment a student for using their "Listening Ears" when they are attentive during story time, and also compliment another student for using their "Looking Eyes" during the same story time.  It's limitless.

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