Friday, February 4, 2011

Sometimes OT Intervention Involves Running Up and Down the Hall All Morning

A little girl in one of my early childhood classes will consistently look in the direction of her favorite classmate.  So, today I used him as a "therapeutic tool" and asked him to hold her book while she listened to it being narrated on tape.  Even though she clearly prefers to turn her head to her left, she would turn her head to her right if her sweetie was sitting on that side.

She listened to her book being read as she depressed the Big Red Switch, connected to a Power Link and an old-fashioned tape player which we borrowed from the school library.  We borrowed the audio book from there, as well.

It took about 45 minutes to locate all the equipment and set it up for her, but it was worth it.  The library folks were glad to have such "old" materials put to good use.  Her teacher is excited about the student learning to access a fun, academic activity, with increasing independence.

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