Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Holes in My Heart for Valentines Day

Yes, that happy, chocolate-filled day is drawing close.  Every teacher in the county will be making valentines with their students in a week or so.  Give your kiddos a head start on working with this very tricky geometric shape.  Don't think it's so tricky?  Just ask your students to draw heart shapes without any coaching.

Use a die-cut machine to make multi-color hearts, then have students cut them down the middle and then cut the halves into skinnier shapes.  Combine them different ways to make joined hearts.  Using a hand-held hole punch is pretty tough at first, but many students eventually figure it out and that makes them so proud.  I added snowflakes to the design because the US is getting inundated with snow almost everywhere this week.

Please share photos of your students' cute Valentines.

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