Monday, February 28, 2011

DIY Bowling Lanes

Do some of your students go bowling as part of their community outings?  In one high school class for students with autism many of the students go bowling every week during a particular quarter of the year, but they still need to practice their bowling vocabulary. our integrated therapy session this morning we constructed a bowling lane and made our own pins and bowling balls.  We are fortunate since we have a student who can draw anything, and he created 10 bowling pin sketches for us.

At the end of the session we opened up YouTube to watch some bowling videos, which were excellent for the speech-language pathologist to use in reinforcing the bowling vocabulary we had just practiced. The classroom staff learned how to switch on the Safety Mode, to avoid some "eye-opening" pop-ups of suggested videos.  Still, there were quite a few video thumbnails showing up in the column on the right that we did not want our students exploring any further.  Viewer beware!

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