Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Different Kind of Flag Waving

Today is Veteran's Day, when we remember the men and women from all branches of the military who have served and continue to protect our freedom.  Driving from school to school we itinerant therapists will see lots of extra flags waving in front of homes and stores today.
Here's another kind of flag, for the purpose of visual and tactual exploration.  It's hanging on a sensory tent at one of my high schools.  The scarecrow has surprises for any visitors--sparkly silk leaves, soft felt leaves and a bumpy styrofoam acorn attached to the flag for the students to explore.  Even the seams connecting the different sections of the flag are fun to run your fingers along.  Most of the items are attached to the lower half of the flag, so students who use wheelchairs can easily reach what they see.  Sometimes I take the flag down and drape it over a wheelchair laptray so a student can explore different sections of the design. 
Last month I bought three of these seasonal flags at Goodwill for $3 apiece.  The classroom teacher ran out and bought another that is perfect for Winter themes.
Wouldn't it be great to collect flags which match up with the themes in different story books?


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