Monday, May 8, 2017

Gel or Goo?--Students Want to Know What's in Their Sensory Bags

Ziplock bags, hair gel, food coloring, small items, duct tape and a communication board/sheet--we're all set to
make sensory bags.  Thanks to my SLP buddy for all the work on creating the communication board. 
Students also used their augmentative communication devices to request items.
This morning, one of our students would not touch the bottle of hair gel because she thought it was hair goo.  Once we convinced her it was gel, life got a lot better and she felt comfortable enough to participate in the activity.  Mind your descriptive words.
Don't fret about how neatly the duct tape is applied to the edges--it'll all work out in the end.

Tearing the tape can be a four-handed job.  Pulling the tape off the roll is a lovely activity for motor planning
and pinch strength.  Oh, and tolerating the smell, sound and stickiness of the tape.

Want some confetti in your sensory bag?  You'll have to pinch very carefully to pick it up.

It's a little hard to see the pretty shells and other items in the bag when you squirt a boatload of deep purple food coloring inside, but it still feels nice when you squeeze and explore the sensory bag.  Be sure to add a final edge of duct tape across the zipper, so the gel doesn't all ooze out over time.

Bags like this would feel nice and soothing on a hot day.  Try keeping some in the refrigerator to hold after a sweaty physical education class or walk outside the building.

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