Friday, October 14, 2016

A Little Help With ABC Letter Writing

One of my teachers for high school students with autism, who are not heading for a standard diploma, asked me about on-line aids to help students practice letter formation.  Although several of the students have loaned iPads from special education funds, there is no easy way for teachers to purchase apps for the devices and the county-approved, and funded, apps focus primarily on other areas of academics and communication.

Polling my colleagues in our OT Department, here are some on-line sites that can be used with a touch screen or computer mouse:  (you can use the story writing screen to create letters/words for the student to trace in a different color, or type in a word and enlarge it for them to trace with the "pencil" or "marker" tool
And, if you are purchasing software for your iPad, here are some recommended apps:
Little Writer's App (Alligator apps)
Letter School
Touch and Write
TV teacher--apps for lower case  (if you have extra funds you might want to check out the entire TV teacher series about handwriting; several of our OTs love it)
Write My Name
Unfortunately, most of the graphics connected with these on-line sites and apps are pretty juvenile, which doesn't match up well with the age of my high-school students.  However, many of my students love animated movies and cartoons on TV so maybe they won't mind seeing the images as much as I think they might.



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