Sunday, June 12, 2016

It's Almost Over!

Wowie Zowie--only one more week of regular school days and then two days of admin-type work and's over until September!

Don't you wish you took that public school job!

Richmond has finally begun to warm up--about 95 here today with tonza humidity--so summer is a mixed "blessing."  Folks like me do yard work wherever there's shade; one side of the house in the morning and the other side in the afternoon, then a teensy bit more when it cools down after suppertime.  When I get super hot I pull out the hose, refresh the long-suffering flowers that have battled the sun all day and occasionally wash my decorative rocks; they get dirty, too!

That yard work pays off in many ways--exercise, profuse sweating for a clearer complexion and beauty from the perennials and annuals as the weeks roll along.
It's nice to balance all the sitting at the computer, sitting in the car...with heavy lifting and walk, walk, walking back and forth across the yard.

Thinking about that public school job next fall???

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