Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Handwriting Help From the Superheroes

Students lose just a teensy-weensy bit of motivation to give their all to schoolwork as June rolls on--time to bring out superhero power to keep learning moving forward!

These stickers have been used in a multitude of projects all year long and today they helped with fine motor intervention for a little girl going into kindergarten next fall.  In my heart I wish students were not expected to write their names until they had been in school for several months; in reality they are expected to do this the first day.  It's especially tricky when you can identify written letters in your name but have gotten into the habit of writing key letters "on their sides."  In this sweetie's case, the capital letter, "C" consistently ends up looking more like a smile than a crescent moon hanging in the sky.

 That scary look on Raphael's face will keep your eyes on what you're doing!
The letter "C" starts at 12:00--at the very top of Raphael's head.  It goes around all the way down to his chin at six o'clock.
 Looks good to me!
Not a superhero this time, but a favorite movie character.  We're making the letter "E" so we needed to trace around a square shape instead of a circle.
 Start at the top left corner and draw a line down to the bottom of the sticker.
Start at the top left corner again and draw a horizontal line across.  Then, start at the bottom left corner and draw a horizontal line across.
 What's the deal?  This looks like a weird "[" to me.  Something's missing...
 ...oh, need to start in the middle of the line and draw a third horizontal line across.  Looking good.
 Cut one of the "Cars" stickers in half to make two........?  triangles!
 Start at the bottom left corner of the triangle and keep on driving over the mountains.
 That's it.
 It's a bit   w  i  d  e,   but it's a "M."
Using small squares during this activity of paper encourages the student to use her less-skilled hand to stabilize the paper.
 Her grasp is just right!

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