Thursday, February 18, 2016

When You're Happy and You Know It Tie Your Shoes

Well, yesterday was the day in the life of this first grader; he tied a floppy shoelace all by himself.

He practices quite often and he is motivated, key components in becoming independent with any task, I'd say.

This step is the most challenging:
When that loop goes "through the tunnel" it has a hard time finding its way and, oftentimes, the whole sequence crumbles apart.

Next step is tying his own shoes independently, first practicing with his shoes on a table at a comfortable height and then while he's leaning down to the floor and wearing them.  He's on the way to handling this everyday task all by himself.

2-19 Update:  This morning he tied his own shoe when he was not wearing it. Then...he put it back on his foot and tied it again!  His teacher and I witnessed the feat and congratulated him enormously.

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