Friday, February 12, 2016

Fundraising With Class

Last week our county had an after-school event featuring the products made by students in special education.  What a wide variety of creative class projects--a weekly potato "bar," sugar-scrubs, handmade cards, custom coffees--and my favorite--luxurious soaps.

Students run a part-time business during the school day, planning for and producing their products, then selling them by special order or in the school store during lunches.  Wouldn't you like to skip packing your lunch one day a week and count on enjoying something delicious from the in-school potato bar? (Shout out to Ms. K. Hamilton, her fellow teacher--and students-at Robious Middle School!!!)

Of course, I bought a boatload of products that afternoon and here are photos of the soaps I snarfed up before they ran out of stock:

I know I could search for soap "recipes" on the Internet and make my own, but these are so pretty and smell delightful--especially the coffee one in the center and the orange peel special on the bottom right (beautifully made by teachers and students at Falling Creek Middle School).

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