Wednesday, January 20, 2016

So Out of Date

Since my own PCs (personal children) are more than old enough to vote...I am hugely out of touch with most of modern culture, especially if it pertains to anyone born before me.  Of course, the fact that I only listen to the radio a couple of hours a day and some of that is unfamiliar to most people I know (have you ever heard of Writer's Almanac?), you can probably imagine how limited the breadth and depth of my musical knowledge might be.

But, you can learn a lot about music culture by listening to this podcast:
Note:  Self-serving link alert!

So, when the little guy I see a couple of times a month started singing a song this morning, I was clueless about the lyrics or the background.  His astonished mom said to me, "You haven't heard about the 'Fox" song?"  Well, the minute they walked out of school I ran to the computer to look it up.  Yes, I do know about the Internet.

"What Does the Fox Say?"

And, if you want to venture into foreign territory and just, maybe, hear something beautiful to start off, or top off, your day tune your dial to this short radio program:

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