Thursday, January 14, 2016

Critter Crayons

One morning this week a little Kindergarten student was so excited to show me her new crayons--critter crayons!  She said the yellow one (Mr. Monkey) did not color very well, but the others are great.  So cool and motivating!

Sorry, don't have info on the manufacturer but I've heard that crayons are easy to make at home....


Anonymous said...

Rainbow Shape Crayons
Absolutely! The animal crayons are a fun idea for children to gain fine motor skills for writing. The kids love it and they work like a charm. It also helps with texture aversion. You can easily include other concepts like learning shapes.

You make these rainbow shapes by layering colors of melted crayon. Start with crayons without paper. Then, follow these 5 simple steps to enjoy coloring with rainbow shapes:
1. Use kitchen scissors to cut crayons into small pieces in a microwave cup.
2. Melt crayons and pour into molds (candy molds or other shape molds such as play dough letters).
3. Let each layer harden before you add another color (use the freezer if in a hurry).
4. Pop crayon shapes out of mold.
5. Enjoy!
Great blog,

School System Occupational Therapist in Virginia said...

Thx bunches!