Monday, November 3, 2014

Technology, Kids, Healthy Relationships, Schools

A work buddy told me about an upcoming presentation at a local school this week but, alas, I can't possibly stay awake long enough to attend and drive safely home.   So, what do inquiring yet drowsy minds do instead--they watch the presenters via YouTube videos.

Here's one about keeping kids psychologically healthy in the digital age:   It makes me want to serve only slow-cooked organic food, keep only wooden toys in the classrooms and hug everyone to make sure they feel loved.  I don't mean this in a sarcastic way.

Here's one about making classrooms interesting:

When my daughter was old enough to sit in a highchair I used to turn on Sesame Street as background music so I could learn songs to sing to her while she slowly ate her pureed peas.  When I noticed that my six-month-old was staring at the screen I completely dimmed the b/w picture so we only had sound.  She returned to looking at her silly mommy and bopped around in her highchair as I sang, "C is for cookie, it's good enough for me."  She's quite a good singer today and I'm thankful for those times of talking and singing, with no visuals to compete with our face-to-face bonding. 

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