Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sweet Puppy-pie

Insight into my life as an animal lover--I frequently call friendly canines "Puppy-pie," no matter their dog age, and cats are often referred to as "Sweetie Stuffer" or "Kitty Stuffer."  When I'm feeling particularly motherly I also call my grown children, "Sweetie Stuffers."  Just so you know.

Well, my daughter and SIL found their first Puppy-pie the Monday after Christmas.  Since my DD is not in love with hair on her clothes or other belongings, even those strands falling from her own head, she researched dog breeds and crossbreeds and decided on a particular one to match her needs.

First, his photo from the ride home,

then a gorgeous one taken today; both images courtesy of my SIL.
Seems like "Can't buy me love" ain't true, at least in this sweet puppy's case.