Thursday, January 9, 2014

Love Late School Openings, However...

...they don't work well with efficiently locating students in their natural school environments for OT services.

When school opens late some of my students just follow their schedules as if they had been at school all day.  Other schools shorten periods so all subjects get a little bit of time during the abbreviated day.  Even though I keep these schedules in the folder I carry around for each school I still get pretty confoosed when I'm trying to locate students.  Plus, some parents decide to keep their kids at home on days when weather isn't the best.

Time for some de-stressing to get myself back on an even keel.  This video has probably been shared before, but I'm thinking that if it helps me relax while watching it on my little computer screen maybe it will make a positive impact if students who need some relaxing visuals view it on a smartboard or other screen.

Lava Lamp Video for De-stressing

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