Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Classroom and Self-Help Space for Students with Autism

Went to two of my schools today to see what's happening and was surprised at all the floor waxing and locker painting going on, just a few days prior to when teachers return to school.  Those custodians were almost jogging down the halls, trying to get everything done in time for next Monday.

One nice surprise was seeing the new "pod" in one of my high schools.  Near the art, PE and music rooms a new clustered space was created--a large central area with its own kitchen, two big classrooms, a bathroom and about 3 smaller rooms--all connected together.  Also, the pod has its own exit door.  The two classrooms for students with autism will move into this space and this will make it much more convenient for students to access the bathroom and leave the building during those dreaded fire drills.  It's also closer to the areas in the school where the students do most of their vocational training.

Will post photos when the rooms are furnished.

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