Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Welcome Spring Cards

First day of Spring!  Let's make some Welcome Spring cards, using words found around the classroom walls and displays.

To get started, grab some scraps of leftover construction paper and stamp some cute little hand stamps which sorta look like tulips.  Add some sweet-smelling oil to the stamp pad if the ink needs refreshing.  Cut a tulip shape around the little hands or just cut around the designs in a circle shape, like we did.
We embellished our card designs with green stems and some stencil tracings.

Time to write!  I modeled writing "Spring-ish" words, using little rectangles so the letters would fit into a small space.  Then, the students drew guide lines and cut out their own little rectangles.

It's tricky getting those tall and long letters to fit within the rectangle.
I didn't realize how "orderly" this student was--such straight columns!  And such lovely prehension!  We'll add the little green stems and more decorations at our next session.

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