Tuesday, March 12, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Vocabulary

Where better to practice writing vocabulary words than on your St. Patty's Day card?  We used the teacher's list posted in the classroom to write some descriptive words about the green holiday on our cards.  Eventually, the projects will find their way home but for now they'll be decorating the window alongside the classroom door.

Copy your "Irish" words on paper with highlighted lines.
 Don't just use regular scissors to cut apart the words--grab one of the fun craft scissors to spruce up the edges.
 Remember how leprechauns like to run around the school, playing tricks?  A few of those Irish words can be inscribed on the little toesies of a leprechaun footprint.
 Hang up the finished creations so everyone passing by in the hall can admire them.
Make sure your writing is easy for teachers and other students to read--not upside down or too far sideways.

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