Friday, February 15, 2013

Visualize a Shamrock...

It's a little late to be offering activities based on the heart theme, so imagine every heart you see in these photos is a shamrock...

 Tape large shamrock shapes to the table surface, then tape a big piece of paper on top.
 Hold a crayon (think green) sideways to make a heart shamrock rubbing.
 Go ahead and hold the crayon the regular way if you want.  Be sure to use lots of colors.
Decorate with small heart shamrock stamps.  We added the honeysuckle candle oil scent to the paint before stamping.  

Be sure to bring the project right onto the lap tray of students who need it a bit closer.
These pink and red heart green shamrock stamps were made from leftover foam, wood scraps and
Elmer's Glue.  The Crayola Kids' Paint was fantastic for creating bold designs on the paper.

Let the project dry then hang up outside the classroom for everyone in school to enjoy.

Excellent cooperative class project for students who could stand up and reach across the paper while they were coloring and for students who needed the paper and materials brought within reach.

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