Sunday, February 3, 2013

1st Grade Pencil Grasps

Over the last few weeks I've gotten lots of informal referrals from elementary school teachers, to take a peek at students who are exhibiting unusual grasps.  One recommendation--post a photo of a "typical" grasp on numerous student desks throughout the room (not just the desks of the students having difficulties) and even at writing centers. 

That way the teacher can point to any of the pictures and casually say, "Friends, remember how we hold our pencils..." when she sees that a student needs a visual and verbal reminder to practice good habits.

Here are some of the "typical" grasps I've seen lately:

And, a pretty good scissors grasp--although I think students can "drive" the scissors better if the index finger is outside of the scissors, between the lower loop and the base of the blades.
Here's a photo of one of the pencil grasps that could use a little refinement (we don't post this one on the desks!):

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