Thursday, January 3, 2013

Music Speaker with Vibration for Students with Hearing Impairments

Oh man.  I went back to work yesterday and one of my creative teachers got such great presents from her family, to use at work.
 Last year I was searching for some way to make the bass vibrations from rockin' music accessible to several students who have limited hearing, despite aids.  I even set small speakers on the chests, shoulders, hands and legs of students so they could feel the vibration.
This little circle of sound (phrase stolen from my Zenith record player from the 60's) works with a MP3 source, a miniature plug source (like an older model radio or cassette player) and also acts as a radio.  When you set it on metal it really vibrates a lot and the vibration is slightly different if set on wood.  Students can put their hands on the tabletop to feel the vibration or a small, flat metal surface can be placed in their hands or on top of their lap trays.

I'm going to be hunting for one to use at my different schools.

1-30-2013 Update:  Haven't found the exact same thing yet in any stores; this one is called "Wonderful Music."

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Ynez P. said...

Sounds like a grat ideas. Looking for the same myself. What is the name of these speakers? Have you found them yet? If so, what store. Thanks in advance for any info you can give. YP, OT