Monday, January 21, 2013

College Cooking Continues...Grilled Cheese and Salsa

For some reason these highschoolers in a class for students with emotional disabilities never seem to mind making a second breakfast at 7:30 a.m.

Grilled cheese might not be the typical morning fare for them, but they were eager to get cookin'.  Unwinding the bread twisty-tie, peeling the wrappers off the cheese "food," figuring out how to scrape layers of butter off the four long sides of the stick of butter (the grown-ups planning the activity didn't quite let the butter get to room temp in time), deciding whose sandwiches would go into the toaster over first...

I wanted to slice tomatoes to add to the sandwiches but my wise SLP talked me out of it.  Instead, she suggested we try dipping the grilled sandwiches in salsa.  Okay (?????)

Another opportunity to use those smart fingers.  My target student used a teaspoon to fill small metal cups with mild salsa and did a pretty good job.  I remember my mom giving that set of metal cups to me years ago..."Here, I never used these things--you take them!"  Now, dipping sauces are all the fashion.

Two of the six students liked the salsa idea.  You can bet I'm sticking with dipping my grilled cheese sandwiches in a big, steaming bowl of trusty old Campbell's tomato soup.

Oops, all I had handy was a little kid's knife.

  We might make English muffin pizzas next time.

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