Sunday, December 2, 2012

What Present Do You Give a Blogger?

My daughter is nutso over this blog:

This afternoon the couple who write the blog were having a book signing at a store in Carytown, the amazing area near downtown where you'll never recognize any names on the retail shops and restaurants, because they're all unique to Richmond.

Since I was invited to accompany her, which is a thrill to any parent of a grown "child," I suggested that I make a gift for the bloggers.  What to give???  I thought about making cookies, but figured that they were smart enough to throw away anything edible given to them by smiling strangers.  The search was on for an idea.  I still had cookies on my mind...

Cruising their blog and searching "cookie" I found this post:  Perfect.

So I made these ornaments:

I didn't dream up the cute spiraled hangers.  My artist buddy, Angie*, uses the idea for her holiday ornaments and gave me the wire 10+ years ago.

And, the recipe is here:

Of course, I'll be making these with students over the next few weeks.  Bilateral coordination, figure ground, grasp, grading muscle control, squeezing the paint bottle, curling the wire around a pencil to make the spirals, wrapping the gift....

* You can see some of Angie's work at:  Arteest Supreme

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