Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Hippo Doubles as Assistive Technology

The musically-based theme for the door to the Assistive Technology Center is "I Want a Hippo For Christmas (Yes, I'll take photos for a later post!)

For the final touch to the decorated door, a family member loaned a hippo she uses for cold/hot packs to soothe her little one.  What a nice little kangaroo pouch that hippo has...wonder what else you can put in there beside a hot/cold pack???

A re-recordable talking pressure switch--of course!  Can't you just see students squeezing different cutie pie animals in the classroom, to communicate what they want to do?  What a motivator!

Prepped for surgery...
If you're handy with scissors, needle and thread you might surgically alter plain stuffed animals to create your own kangaroo pouches.

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