Monday, December 12, 2011

Shameless begging for a vote for our door decorating contest

The votes must be in tomorrow by 3 PM, Eastern Standard Time USA.  Please read the impassioned plea in the text below and listen to your heart--then please vote for our decorated door in the Assistive Technology Center.  This year's door decorating theme focused on old holiday movies. 

If it's difficult to figure out from the photos, the door represents a huge iPad.  Please do not send your vote to me--there is an e-mail in the text below for sending in your vote and I'll repeat it here as well:  Simply say that you are "voting for the AT Center door."

Thank you!

The Fulghum Center is once again having a door decorating contest. The AT Center won 2nd place last year. This year, the theme is “Holiday Movies” . ANYONE can cast a vote – simply e-mail and please vote for the AT CENTER DOOR no later than 3pm Tuesday, December 13.

Attached, please find photos of our door. This door is the largest iPad you have ever seen! The apps on the door are a play on words for various holiday movies. Through teamwork and creativity, we have incorporated CCPS, Technology AND holiday movies! Enjoy and thanks for your vote!

With appreciation and technology cheers,  the Assistive Technology Center Staff

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