Friday, December 9, 2011

Functional Fine Motor Skills and Self Help Skills

We often write "Student will independently perform typical classroom fine motor and self help activities" in reports and IEPs.  What's that?

Here is a sweetie with left hemiplegia showing full independence with "typical classroom fine motor and self help activities" as she retrieves items from her backpack, hands in her homework and prepares to eat breakfast in the classroom.  Believe me, sometimes it's not easy to open that twicky milk carton but, heh, it is chocolate milk and that's work the effort.

 It warmed my heart to see her retrieve a pair of scissors to open the cellophane wrapper of the "Power" donut; an idea we practiced last week.  No, I didn't let myself say anything about whether or not donuts can possibly be part of a healthy breakfast.
 Try opening a milk carton with one hand.  Oftentimes I'll ask students to partially open both sides and then pull the diagonal corners apart just enough to insert a straw.
 Pretty good eye-hand coordination, I'd say.
Grab that package of flimsy plastic utensils, straw and napkin in your fist and knock it on the table until the top breaks open and you can pull out what you need.

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