Friday, September 2, 2011

Toting the Bins Back to School

In our county school system, assistive technology equipment is grouped by schools and the OTs deliver the "AT bins" to schools now, before students return to the classrooms.  This makes for a bit of car decluttering on the part of most of us OTs, since the bins do take up quite a bit of space in our vehicles.

I bring along my trusty, rusty luggage wheelie thing to help me trek the bulky bins along the sidewalks and long hallways.

Yesterday I delivered bins to two schools with electric power, and two other schools without any power.  The trooper teachers were carrying on by the faint light brought in by the skylights around school.  Driving along the backroads you could see all the damage to trees and homes from Hurricane Irene.  Our family only lost power for 4 nights; think I'll go home and hug a lightswitch.

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