Friday, September 9, 2011

String Art Idea for Highschoolers with Autism

It was like Homecoming for me today--got to go to my favorite idea-generating store near my office--Big Lots.  I've had withdrawal over the summer since I was in the habit of cruising their aisles at least once a month.

Looking for materials to use with students I saw a skein of soft, variegated color baby binkie yarn and my brain started churning--how about getting started on that string art idea from last year with the high school class for students with autism?  Tonight the idea percolated a bit further and I thought, "How about having the art students draw a bold picture of something related to the school, and then the students in the autism class could set in the tiny nails and begin weaving the yarn into a string art picture?"  Talk about good PR for special education at the school.  Well, I can dream.

The beauty of all this which makes it somewhat do-able is that one of the teachers for students with autism is also an artist.  She can make it happen.  If it does happen, I'll post photos of the process.

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