Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Use Snowflakes to Motivate Bored Writers

Save a few die-cut snowflakes from the previously-posted activity for this snowy approach to practicing weekly spelling words.

Take turns with your student and write spelling words within the confines of the snowflakes.  Model looking at a word for a few seconds, then turn over the word list so neither of you can see the words.  Slowly write the letters of the word within the little diamonds of the snowflake and see if your student can tell you which letter comes next.  Then, let your student try the same thing with his word.

Some of the little spaces within the snowflake will be better suited for tall letters and some for wide letters.  If you happen to write a tall letter within a vertical diamond, be sure to comment on it, "Boy, it sure is easy to write that tall 'h' inside this space.'"

If you have extra time, go back to your cryptic page and locate one of the words you've written, then model circling the individual letters of that one word counterclockwise (if your student is right-handed.)  Now, it's your student's turn to do the same.

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