Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Special Snowflakes

No snow last night, just freezing rain which made the tree limbs and shrubs all glimmery in the night.  Here's a motivating way for students to practice writing the letters in their name, tracing, cutting on the line and then figuring out where to put their creations on the winter-themed bulletin board everyone sees when they walk past the classroom.

Start with die-cut snowflakes.  Let the students punch out the perforated sections.

Use a shapes puzzle to trace shapes on construction paper.  Cut out the shapes, then write single letters from your student's name on the shapes.  Or, write spelling/vocabulary words.
Have your student stand several feet away from the classroom poster and consider where he would like to place his letter snowflake(s).  Have her glue the snowflake into place.  Only the OT gets to think about whether or not the student placed the snowflake where it was originally planned to go.
Extra special snowflakes are hung on a ribbon.  Some students will be able to manipulate the paper clip to attach the snowflake to the ribbon, but it's pretty tricky.

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