Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I See Squares

The Standards of Learning tests (SOLs) are upon us and teachers are panicking. All kinds of student concerns that have been nagging teachers during the year are now surfacing and reaching critical mass. As dutiful OTs working in the schools we know that students are only permitted specific accommodations/modifications on the SOLs, and that the student must be using those accommodations throughout the year in order to use them for the testing. If you're like me, you're already thinking about what to do differently next year.

Stick this link in your "To Think About" file for Fall 2010--it might come in real handy if you help middle and high school math teachers who have students who demonstrate difficulty with graphing. The graph paper can be sized according to the student's needs.

Thanks to Janice Johnson, teacher for students with visual impairments, who gave me this great website.

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Dawna said...

Thanks for this link. Also, hats off to those teachers of students with visual impairments! I work with one such teacher, who is without a doubt the single most crafty and creative person I know! She is always sharing ideas, building adaptive devices, and inspiring me to think outside the box.