Monday, March 29, 2010

Eliminate Age-ism from Your Easter Egg Hunt This year

Last Sunday I watched hordes of children, and their ever-hovering parents, hunt for Easter eggs in the playground next to our church building.  How cute, all those little preschoolers searching for their eggs to stuff in their overflowing baskets.

Well, then my 27 y.o. daughter tells me tonight that she played an "urban" Easter egg hunt for 2 hours with her main squeeze, and his daughters age 9 and 13.  Yes, age 13!  The rules:  teams of 2 (one adult and one younger person) hide the Easter eggs outside on the windowsills, up in trees and inside the cover of dad's gas tank flap--anything outside that is within the yard or belongs to the family.  Each team had 10 minutes to place the eggs and the next team had about the same amount of time to find them.  My daughter said that at one point she had the 9 y.o. standing on her shoulders while the girl placed an egg high up in a tree.  The kids loved it and were begging to know "When can we do it again?"

So, remember not to rule out those older kids from what we think of as a preschooler ritual--who knew that a teen would be enraptured with the fun of an Easter egg hunt.

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