Thursday, January 7, 2010

Quick Tips for the DANA

Quick Tips for Using Word Processors with Students Who are a little Distractible.

If you're using an AlphaSmart DANA with a student, and the student just loves to explore all those interesting little icons, edit the categories of the icons and use the "Main" category for just the few programs, like AlphaWord, that the student will be using on a regular basis.
Then, select the Main category for the starting screen and hope like crazy that the student never figures out how to change the category to another, like "All."

Look in the User Manual for more specific directions.

Be sure to show the student how they can use the directional arrows and Enter key, in place of the little stylus, for selecting many options.

You did delete the games from the DANA, didn't you?


Mack said...

This sounds quire interesting & thanks for giving the information about how can we use it.

I would like to buy one how can I get it ?

Occupational Therapy University

School System Occupational Therapist in Virginia said...

Thx for writing. Try using Google to look up "Dana word processor" and I'm sure you'll find some vendors.