Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Accessibility Options

We had an inservice this morning on using the Accessibility Options in Windows. One trick to help students who have difficulty keeping their mouse cursor pointer on the vertical scroll bar, or on the little up/down arrows, is to widen the vertical scroll bar. Look in the Accessibility Wizard for how to do this.

Another option that can save all of us some time each day is to use the "Snap-to" option that sends the mouse cursor pointer to the default button in whatever dialogue box opens on your screen. Instead of "driving" the mouse over to the "OK" button, the mouse cursor pointer jumps over to it and you just have to hit "Enter." Not just time-saving, but also wrist-saving. Go to the Control Panel and choose "Mouse" to find this option.

1 comment:

Beth Lloyd said...

I love the widened vertical scroll bar! Little things make all the difference in life and function.